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Meet your designer

Alright, lemme introduce myself…

I’m Emma Lemon (same as the fruit, no relation to Keith). I’m a Brand Strategist + Designer based in Bedford, UK. 

I have 14 years design experience and I’ve worked with brands both big and small (from the likes of VCCP to Amazon to smaller businesses like The Bedford Independent — my local newspaper). So dw, you’ll be in bloody good hands!

I currently work full-time as a designer and I take on a select number of freelance projects per year on a part-time basis. 

My background in marketing and typography means I’ve got a delicious set of skills that I can apply to your brand. What does that mean for you? I take all of my knowledge and experience and apply that to what you do.

Not only do you get a strategy that hits your ideal audience, a visual identity that is totally unique to you (makin’ differences not duplicates is my mantra), you also get a design partner for life (or as long as you want me knocking about 😅).

If you’d like to work together on a project, go ahead and book in for a free no-strings 15-minute Vibe Check (to see if we’d be a good fit).